A taste.

Destination Italy creates authentic Italian experiences in your kitchen. What does this mean?

Simply put; it is authentic Italian produce, made by Italians, in Italy, with Italian ingredients.

Like Italy, food is and should be an experience.

The Brand.

Imagine if you could have all of the meals that Italy have made famous, made with local Italian and European ingredients... Today?

This is at the heart of Destination Italy, creating true Italian eating experiences.

All our products are made in Italy. Our brand captures this authentic quality and brings it into your kitchen.

The Range.

If it's part of traditional Italian cuisine, made with the local ingredients, and finds its way onto family tables regularly, then its on our agenda.

Starting with pizza in 2023, our range will be extending into pasta, gelato, and traditional Italian desserts in 2024.



Italian food takes a few simple ingredients and uses the flavour created through growing techniques to maximise taste intensity and experience.

Fresh local ingredients are key, that's why we source our products in Italy, naturally.


Raw materials sourcing, manufacturing, packaging and distribution is all a feature in our process, with each element having its own unique sustainability focus.

Partnering with our leading Italian Manufacturers, we have adopted shared action plans to ensure we remain on the leading edge of sustainability innovation.